Iowa State Undergraduate Enrollment Leaves Campus Overpopulated and Overwhelmed

By Coley Bergren


So many students try to enter the Memorial Union at once that the line floods out the door.

 In the last year alone, Iowa State’s total enrollment number has increased by almost 700 students. While great for the university, students are beginning to wonder how great this is for them.
From dining halls, to dormitories, to campus events, to classrooms, Iowa State is simply cramped. Katie Canfield, a sophomore at Iowa State, is feeling this affect mainly in the classroom.
“I’ve definitely noticed a shift in my classes this year,” Canfield said. “Every chair is filled in all of my classes, and I feel disconnected from the teacher.”
Iowa State classrooms range from large lecture halls, such as classes held in Troxel Hall, to smaller and more intimate classes held in Hamilton Hall.
Hamilton Hall, known by many as the Greenlee Building, holds all classes for journalism and mass communications, public relations, and advertising majors. The Greenlee School, known for being a smaller one, has felt the adjustment of more students as well.
According to the Iowa State admissions office, over the last 2 years, the Greenlee School has increased with more than 50 students in total. While that number may seem small compared to the university total, that’s a lot for one school to take on. Emma Hassemer, sophomore at Iowa State, thinks changes need to be made.
“I think the Greenlee School is growing and I do think overtime it will become overpopulated,” said Hassemer.
A prime example would be Club Fest. Club Fest, one of the campuses biggest events of the year, recently demonstrated how much a lot of students could make a large campus feel small. Sophomore Emma Kessler attended this year and was instantly overwhelmed.
I could see people unable to get inside the Memorial Union from a distance,” said Kessler. “When I got the building, I was outside for at least 20 minutes, and had to cram myself inside.”
The Memorial Union is generally known for having the best food, causing it to be inevitably crowded. Yet, since the recent incline in student admissions, it has gotten to be even busier.
Some students don’t mind waiting the extra few minutes, but for some students like sophomore Adrianna Huff, lunch is a quick break.

The line for Panda stretches all the way down the hallway as students patiently wait.

“My classes are all morning and right after lunch, so I usually have no longer than 30 minutes for lunch,” said Huff. “I usually have to pack a lunch because the lines are so long at dining centers, which is annoying because I pay for a meal plan and I can’t even use it most days.”
Things are looking high for the university right now, but within the next couple of years, many feel a change must be made to either expand the campus or get stricter within the admissions office.

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