How you can positively effect your future

By Caitlyn McCreight


HSH members work diligently to produce their third issue.

College is the time to get involved. Whether that is with the student government, larping or any club your college has to offer, getting involved can be the best thing for your future. That is why Iowa State’s Greenlee School of Journalism offers many different clubs and organizations that can have a positive effect on your future. However, finding the right one may be the tricky part.

Iowa State’s Greenlee School of Journalism is a very prominent school for anyone interested in a career in journalism, communications, public relations or advertising. But just going to classes to learn about what you might do in your career, may not be enough in the long run. Greenlee offers several student run publications that can help anyone get a taste of what it is like to actually write, design, advertise and more for a magazine or newspaper.

The Iowa State Daily, HSH Magazine, Ethos, SIR and Trend are just a few of the publications you can get involved with to better your skills in your field of study. However, some students just don’t know where to start.

“I for a while wanted to be a lawyer, so I joined a pre-law club. But then decided that I didn’t want to be a lawyer,” said senior in communication studies, Kia Pekarna. “Seeing all your options can be awesome way to just explore your opportunities outside of class or your major.” Pekarna who is currently the Editor-in-Chief of HSH Magazine also said that once she was involved with HSH she knew it was something she didn’t want to stop.

With the new semester just beginning, many of the student publications are looking for new people to join their teams, which makes this a great opportunity for newcomers to get involved.


Editor in Chief, Kia Pekarna(left) and managing editor, Alec Norman(right) address the HSH team during a meeting in Hamilton Hall.

“I joined HSH last year after my friend invited me to go their first meeting,” said senior in English education, Breana Riley. “I was a little iffy at first but once I got to know what the publication was about and got to know the people involved, I knew I wanted to continue to be a part of this team until I graduated.

With running a publication, a lot more goes into making of the final product besides just the writing. Campus publications are looking for more than just students in the Greenlee School. Students in design and marketing are always needed, but all majors are welcomed to join. Even if you have no experience with writing or the production that goes into producing a publication, joining these student publications can be the best way to learn and better your future. Adding that you helped produce a magazine to your resume or portfolio could help you stand out more than someone who didn’t.

“There are so many different things you can do with it,” says Pekarna. “You can gain experience, you can network and you can even just join to make new friends. You could also get some recommendation letters out of it as well.”

Joining a student run publication can be great for your future. Whether you are pursuing a career in the field or just want something new to try. There are several different opportunities that can help get your feet in the door. And each publication is different, so finding the one that best suits you, can help you enjoy your time in college.

“I am very happy that I joined HSH because I am gaining experience as if I was actually working for a professional magazine,” says Riley. “I think that is something that all the publications here on campus try to capture.”


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