Iowa State University enrollment increase may cause problems

By Paul Hadish


AMES, Iowa- Iowa State has posted a record enrollment for the 2016-2017 school year. The total enrollment is up to 36,660 students, which is 659 more than last year. This may sound like an accomplishment, however some students are noticing some problems that come with the new flourish in the population.

“It’s just extremely crowded,” said senior, Jon Laczniak. “My freshman year there felt like there was room to breathe but that just doesn’t seem to be the case anymore. I’ll be walking in the Memorial Union and there’s just hordes of people everywhere which makes it hard to get from place to place.”

Iowa State is making some changes to accommodate all the new students and to maintain its high quality standards. New dorms have opened on the top floor of the Memorial Union that will help house some of the new incoming students. The university is also constructing a second Buchanan Residence Hall that will house 700 undergraduates starting this spring. Housing isn’t the only thing that’s having to expand; there are new professors and sections of classes to make sure lecture halls don’t overflow with people. With the new adjustments being made, the tuition prices for students have risen this year to cover the costs.

Another change that has been made this year is the downsizing of meal bundles to provide enough meals for everyone. Some students are not too happy about this change.

“I’m upset with the meal bundle situation,” said junior, Rohan Nayar. “It just doesn’t seem like enough food for me anymore, I don’t know how they can offer less food for the same price as last year.”


If this enrollment increase trend continues, the university will have to make more and more improvements to keep up. Overcrowding can become a major problem if the university continues to admit more students.

The goal for the university is to continue to expand to become more diverse. Iowa State will continue to strive to be affordable and reasonable and will keep a high acceptance rate. According to an article released by Iowa State, the university believes that they will be able to maintain these standards even as state funding struggles to keep up. It is important for the number of students being enrolled to grow at a reasonable pace, so the budget will be able to cover costs for high quality living situations and for excellence in education.


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