Streaming Wars: Which service is the Best?

By Jimmy Huisman


Apple Music, Spotify, Tidal

Apple Music, Spotify, Tidal, Google Play, Pandora Radio: these are all streaming services for music in 2016 and all are competing for the top position.

Recently, Hip/Hop producer Metro Boomin sent out a series of tweets that dealt with one of the biggest topics in the music industry this year.

Where this current issue stems from is artists being angry over not receiving their royalties for their music when it is streamed over one of these companies. Tidal and Apple music are trying to change those things but because of their exclusive deal policies people are left not being able to listen to their favorite  artists.

Trey Moore, senior and editor-in-chief of Sir Magazine, a hip hop and fashion magazine at Iowa State University said, “This is bad for the culture right now. People and fans are missing out on great moments in music because of this.”

Artists like Drake and Frank Ocean have recently signed major deals with Apple Muisc. Because of these deals, all other streaming services wont have access to their music for a few weeks. This happens because Apple Music has rights over their music and gets to stream it exclsivelty through them first.

So those who have Tidal, Spotify, Pandora, etc. cannot listen to these aritsts’ new albums for a few weeks.

You may be asking well why not switch to that streaming service? Or why not just deal with those few weeks.

Apple Music currently costs $9.99  a month, Tidal is $9.99 a month, and Spotify is at $5.00 a month. Paying fifteen or twenty dollars a month to own two streaming services is quite an expensive price.

After a few weeks of not hearing that album it will be some what old news.

Cameron Werba, a sophomore at Iowa State University said, “I don’t have Apple Music, I have Tidal. I wanted to listen to Frank’s album so bad but there was no way I was switching to Apple. I feel like his album is old news at this point.”

Disapointments and not being able to hear music was never like this in past. Every artist released a CD and a fan could go to the music store and buy it.

Now some artists don’t release physical copies of their albums and the streaming service is the only way to listen.

With Jay Z having the biggest influence over Tidal and Drake over Apple Music this is a war that will contiune until their views on royalities and music releases change.

Who can make the most money and egos are to blame in this issue and fans are in a time where music that used to be so widley available is now becoming exclusive to members only.

Kanye West tweeted out and called out all the people involved in these streaming companies. Kanye said he along with all of them need to get in a room together and work out some sort of deal so everybody can listen to the muisc.

This is what everybody wants, especially us kids in 2016 today.

“Listen to the kids bro.”-Kanye West


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