Iowa State Football keeps fans coming back

By Hugo Bolanos

Since 2009, the Iowa State Cyclones have not won more than three games in season. The Cyclones fired their football coach Paul Roads in 2015, for being responsible for causing such losses.  Jamie Pollard, Athletic Director for Iowa State University brought in Matt Campbell from Toledo. Matt Campbell averaging eight wins per season brings back excitement in fans. More of a motivation to attend games and also bringing back the hype that Iowa State Football once had.

Iowa State football started their season with two losses, one to division II UNI and the other to a powerful rival Iowa Hawkeyes. Though Iowa State finally getting their first win against San Jose State on September 24th winning 44-10.

San Jose State came with a great sense of victory following their bowl win last year against Georgia State, 27-16. A bowl game is something the Cyclones have not seen since 2012, when into the fourth season of six in the Paul Roads era.

Before the cyclones went on to win, the fans were up bright and early to get their tailgates ready. The weather was a great 74 degrees with partly cloudy, the atmosphere seemed to have taken a new sense of Iowa State fanatics. For the feeling of winning was upon the tailgaters.

The football game happened to be an early one, 11a.m., and meaning tailgaters had to be at their spot at 6am. “Early bird gets the worm” the motto for tailgater Alexa Trickle, junior.

Trickle has been a resident in Ames all her life with her parents owning a car repair shop; they donate each year to Iowa State athletics. When asked on how come they keep coming back to tailgate every year, Trickle replied, “When you’ve grown up in a city where you’ve lived your whole life, you can’t imagine cheering on another team. It’s more than just winning, it’s about heart and dedication.”

Heart and dedication is truly needed if you decide to become a Cyclone fan. Ames being a college town revolves not just around sports, but academics as well.

“For some, tailgating is time to relieve some stress and forget about the homework or exams you might have,” Kitral stated. Kitral being from Chicago, Illinois choose to cheer on Iowa State instead of an Illinois college team. “I don’t want to drive back six hours to cheer on a team, so I rather stay here and meet new people,” Kitral added.

Football is a game; it’s what gets some people going in the morning. Tailgaters would go the extra mile to make their tailgate experience an enjoyable one, spending money on burgers, tickets and beer of course. Pregame celebrations are what make people wake up early, because in due time their team could either walk out with a win or be a bust.

No matter what fans tend to tailgate for one common thing, heart and pride for their team!

Heart and pride is the root that keeps them attached to their team, whether it’d be winning season or losing. It keeps them hopeful for the next one and you bet your ass fans will continue to come until its winning season, even then they will still show appreciation for CyclONE Nation.


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