Relationships and college maybe don’t fit exactly how you thought they would

By Xavier Gaumer

College can be a place of learning, a place of fun, a place to truly explore who you are as a person — or, a place to explore who someone else is as well. Stereotypes abound about relationships and college, and curiously they fall on both sides of the spectrum. Some say that people should find their soulmate in college, and others believe that college is simply good for seeing as many people naked as possible. The people that I have spoken to recently fall into a third group, for the most part. This group believes that it’s up to the person, not the institution, to choose.

Senior Charles Hoffman, said, “College has good potential to be a place to meet people; you’re going through similar experiences.  But it’s also hard to be in a relationship, you’re so busy through this time. It’s definitely not for everyone.”


Jamie McArthur, a freshman, agrees. “College can be the place to meet your future someone, depending on the effort put forth.  It really depends on the person.”

Hoffman has recently gotten into a relationship, and when asked if he was happy with that situation he expressed his happiness— though the stickiness of it may not last.  Both Hoffman and his girlfriend are leaving at the end of the year, for different places.

“We’re just enjoying things as we go,” said Hoffman.

McArthur on the other hand is in a very different place in his college experience, being brand new to school and single.  He’s happy with the single life, or moderately happy at the least by his own account.

“I wouldn’t mind a relationship, but at the same time I’m not sad that I’m not in one,” McArthur said.

As a single person, who is ready to mingle as they say, stereotypes would dictate that he is ready to sleep around as much as possible; but this young man’s response to that lifestyle may actually surprise you.


“It’s [sleeping around] not what everyone should do, but if they want to they can. People can be h**s in college but that doesn’t mean everyone is,” McArthur replied.

Due to social stigmas, being a single female in college can carry a different weight on a person — but I spoke with Jordynn Poferl, a Junior at ISU about the situation and she held very similar views to the men I had already spoken to.  Poferl, a single woman is very happy with her life and how things are going for her. While she agrees that college can be a good place to meet the future Mr. or Mrs.,  that doesn’t change the fact that she isn’t in a rush to date.

This is an interesting tidbit to think on.  While there are many stereotypes of college that  aren’t outdated and are based in fact, such as binge drinking and all nighters, maybe relationships and sleeping around isn’t one that needs to stick around. The men and woman that I spoke to break the mold about how college students feel about relationships; and maybe it’s because that mold simply no longer fits.


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