Results of ISU resolution stir debates around Big 12

By Mollie Shultz

Joining in on the debate surrounding the possible addition of Brigham Young University to the Big 12 Conference, Iowa State’s Student Government recently passed a resolution over the matter.

On Sept. 7, Iowa State’s Student Government passed a resolution in opposition of BYU joining the Big 12 Conference. This resolution, which has created buzz throughout the college sports world, was sent to the president of every Big 12 School, as well as the Commissioner of the Big 12.

BYU, among other schools, including Cincinnati and Colorado State, are in discussions to possibly join the Big 12. The Big 12 is looking to expand, and has narrowed its list of potential candidates. Many people are opposed to BYU being in the discussion because of their honor code, which many believe discriminates against the LBGT community

According to Iowa State’s Student Body President Cole Staudt, the resolution also sparked debates among the Student Governments at the other Big 12 schools. Due to this, both Texas and Kansas State will be holding the same debate in their Student Government meetings.


Student Body President Cole Staudt pictured after discussing the implications of the Student Government’s resolution.

In the meeting, the end of the debate resulted in 21 senators voting in support of the resolution, while only six senators voted in opposition to it. According to Staudt, many of the senators were on the fence about the decision, but in the end, the majority decided to support the resolution.

The resolution and the results were sent to each of the Big 12 school presidents, including President Leath. In addition, Staudt sent the results to the student body presidents of the other nine schools. According to Staudt, some of the presidents approved of the debate, like Texas and Kansas State, while others simply did not want to get involved.

Staudt sees both sides of the argument, but he also understands that any action can cause stress, especially when the action is being brought to the national level. Staudt said, “Having national media attention, it can be very stressful and cause a lot of anxiety.”

Staudt is also unsure if the resolution was worth it because there is no guarantee that any of the Big 12 Presidents or the Commissioner will take it into consideration while the voting process occurs in the next few months. Staudt said, “I’m not really sure how much impact we can really make, so it’s like, is it worth it to put ourselves through that stress to have nothing happen?”


Iowa State junior Kaylie Rodasky reads about the possibility of BYU joining the Big 12.

Students and other community members have also extended their thoughts to Staudt over the matter. He said that he has received feedback over the decision from students, alumni of both schools, political figures and activists.

One Iowa State student, Kaylie Rodasky, a junior in elementary education is torn on the matter.

Rodasky said, “I don’t necessarily agree that they should be in consideration to join the Big 12 because of the way they discriminate against certain people. But, I don’t think this resolution letter should have been debated or sent to the other schools because it’s discriminating against them, when the schools could work toward an agreement instead.”

According to Staudt, the presidents of the Big 12 schools will meet on Oct. 17 to discuss their options. However, there is no guarantee that they will vote at this time. They may wait until their meeting in December.


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