Studying broadens horizons

By Abraham Lopez

Passionate students broaden their minds further in education by seeking opportunity while studying abroad.

Students in search of a new experience and challenges flooded the spaces of the Great Hall in the Memorial Union on September 15th. What motivates these students to want to cross borders and push the limits of their education? Different students carry different passions motivated by different destinations.


Students gather around the welcome booth at the Study Abroad Fair.

Emily Gamble, a Freshman at Iowa State, majoring in biology said that studying abroad is one of the easiest ways to look at the different cultures.

Gamble who is interested in studying abroad in Ireland said, “I really like Ireland and I am very interested in insects. So I was thinking, how in Europe, they have completely different insects than North America, so that is an area of interest of mine.”

Traveling the world is not something that happens regularly for most common people. Especially when the older you get, the more responsibilities come with. After awhile, the possibilities become slimmer. As times goes on, we progress, we graduate, get jobs and become adults. Yes, gain certain things, but lose that window of opportunity as well.

While the highest number of students sent by the United States is 283,000, last year, the United States received 820,000 foreign students. (The Atlantic)

Brandon Alessio, a Senior, who is an English major at Iowa State, said one of his biggest regrets was he did not take the opportunity to study abroad during his previous years at Iowa State. Although he would like to do so before he graduates.

Alessio said, “I feel like once you graduate the opportunity to travel becomes a lot more difficult. The best time to travel would be during college.”


Students learn more about studying abroad in Italy.

According to The Atlantic, 90% of American College students do not take the chance to study abroad, while they lose the opportunity to gain a global experience and encounter more of an open minded experience.

“Getting in touch with the scenery and new culture is a new experience I want to have. I look to gain a lifetime memory.” said Gamble.

Alessio also added he would love to visit London. “I feel like the environment you are around has a huge impact on how you think and gives you a new perspective on how you see things.”

While traveling abroad can be a challenging factor it can also be a scary thought to process. But capture an unforgettable experience and there is more to gain by taking advantage of these unique opportunities.


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