Originally apart, two ISU clubs now dance together

By Mollie Shultz

At the beginning of this year, two long-standing Iowa State dance clubs joined together to create one, cohesive group that now dances to the name of Cyclone Ballroom.


Two of Iowa State’s ballroom dance clubs, ISU Ballroom and Cyclone Ballroom have joined forces this year to create a club that brings both competition and social dancing. The decision to merge the two was not made lightly, but it has been working out well according to executive members of the club.


Dancers from multiple schools compete at an event Cyclone Ballroom competed in last year.


Originally, ISU Ballroom was the social club. They did not dance competitively. Instead, they taught people how to dance, and had social events for people to dance in. This club was more for fun and inclusiveness.


Conversely, Cyclone Ballroom was originally the competitive club. They would travel to competitions to see how they stacked up against other college’s clubs. Typically, the people involved in this were more experienced and wanting to compete, as opposed to ISU Ballroom.


The confusion over which club was social and which club was competitive, along with membership numbers caused the two clubs to join together. The club is now known as Cyclone Ballroom, and it involves aspects from both of the clubs that formed it.


Club president, Nicole Bramow, a senior in civil engineering said, “Having them separated was only hurting the clubs because we have some members in one that didn’t know about the other one and vice versa. So, combining them helped in both ways in just getting members to know more about what’s going on.”


In Cyclone Ballroom, members can decide whether they want to begin with the free lessons during the week and not compete, or they can choose to compete. That decision is left solely up to the club members. The club members are also allowed to choose which competitions they participate in.


Two members of Cyclone Ballroom, Logan Halverson and Jimena Ojeda Ramirez compete at an event last spring.

Overall, the joint venture has been a success in the eyes of the club members. Bramow has been involved with ballroom dancing since her freshman year. According to her, the talks to conjoin the clubs took about a year before they officially decided to do it.

Bramow said, “We spent a year talking to our advisors, talking to club members that were involved, talking between the cabinets, just trying to figure out reasons that we were separated. And we only found like one or two reasons from a long time ago that somebody had had a dispute, so they split the club. And so we didn’t see any reason anymore to have them separated.”

Sarah Weuve, a junior in event management, is also a part of Cyclone Ballroom. She serves as the secretary, and she is in charge of the performance team and beginner lessons. She said that not much has changed since the two joined together.

Weuve said, “It really hasn’t changed that much for us. We really just absorbed ISU Ballroom. We took over their club and hold their Friday socials. We still hold all the events they did, its just a little more work for us. It’s working out well, so I really like it.

The club will be competing about every other weekend this semester beginning this weekend on Oct. 8 in Illinois.


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