SIR Magazine Restructure

By Julian Neely

SIR magazine has opened their doors to new leadership and ideas. The magazine is branching away from a gender specific theme to focusing on the voices of the unheard. Tre Moore, new Editor-in-Chief, has taken this opportunity and has an extraordinary agenda for the magazine.

“Fortunately, Devon Johnson, the previous Editor-in-Chief, saw that I had a vision and believe in me enough to pass the torch along to me. I wish to put out a publication that isn’t restricted to one genre, gender, or set of ideas,” said SIR magazine editor Tre Moore.


Josh Knight, Public Relations for SIR magazine posing for the camera. Photo by Julian Neely

Moore is a senior in journalism and mass communications from the Quad Cities. Last year, he spent a great amount of time trying to develop his own magazine and funding it himself. Devon Johnson saw the passion and drive that Moore obtained and selected him continue the magazine.

The past couple of years, SIR magazine focused on masculinity and a male audience. The magazine attracts males by the topics and photos in it. Moore wants to detach that image from SIR and use the platform to broader issues and audiences. It is important to Moore to be an androgynous publication.

“I believe that in the year 2016 and moving forward we must confront issues and old mindsets head on. We have a platform and opportunity to broadcast the voices of the underrepresented and shine a light on the topics that you won’t see in other outlets,” said Moore.


Ariel Reaves, a model for SIR magazine, hanging out in the Eastern Student office space and sharing how excited she is for the photo shoot. Photo by: Julian Neely

Moore has an extraordinary agenda that consists of changing the focus to culture, the world that we live in and the people in it. He has created a team that consists of individuals with different perspectives, backgrounds, and majors. The team is diverse that creates a creative environment that can change the culture of SIR magazine.

“We are taking in poem submission, social media, and more diverse models. Reaching out to students that want to be part of the magazine. More inclusive to what people are doing on campus,” said Josh Knight

“I would love if people were blown away or cracked a big smile when they see our first cover and open those pages for the first time. I hope this magazine is something that makes people think “Wow, Iowa is cool,” explained Moore.

The enthusiasm that the Editor-in-Chief brings to the table you can imagine that the team is absorbing it as well. This is a new year for SIR magazine and they have a big agenda that they are pushing to fulfill. There upcoming photo shoot, which consists of many students of color that are male and female.


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