Conference Coverage

By Felipe Cabrera

Tensions are rising in the days leading up to the election and the Safety, Justice, and Students of Color panel at the Sun Room in the Memorial Union aims to ease tension between the Ames Police department and students of color.

“I don’t think I came here looking to get anything out of it,” Tasha Hill, a pre-law student at ISU, said. “I think I’m going to see how Iowa State is handling the culture regarding racism and bigotry.”

A Conversation on Safety, Justice, and Students of color was designed to raise awareness of the challenges students of color face in their interaction with local law enforcement, as well as creating an open dialog between the two groups. Police Chief Aaron Delashmutt and Police Commander Jason Tuttle were on the panel representing the Ames Police Department, while Vice President for Diversity and Inclusion Reginald Stewart, Student Counseling Services psychologist Dr. Raghav Suri represented various roles of ISU’s faculty and administration.

The Sun Room was packed with students; some looking forward to an engaging panel, others looking for extra credit points. The topic is heavy, but some were hopeful for a positive outcome.

“I’m familiar with who will be presenting and they seem like leaders in the community,” John Wright, a mechanical engineering student at ISU, said. “…I’m just really excited to see what leaders of the community have to say on these topics and their points of view.”


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