Healing the American Divide

By Tyler Worsham

As we all well know, the election is over. We the people have elected Donald Trump to be our next president of the United States. Some people are pleased and celebrate this outcome, believing maybe America will be great again.

However, Not everyone feels the same way. Across the country we can observe both peaceful protests and acts of violence and vandalism by those who do not agree with the results. Some are reacting better than others on all sides of the issues.

For better and for worse, this election cycle has exposed and exacerbated the deep rifts and divides in our society. Regardless of one’s personal view of the outcome or of the race as a whole, it is clear to everyone that problems exist and that change needs to happen.

Bridges need to be rebuilt and society needs to be civil again, but what will it take? Is it even possible?

Some Iowa State University students had their own opinions. Sarah, an agronomy major, had this to say,

“As a general comment, I think people need to think before they react. I don’t have a lot of opinions about this but people need to think before they react and a lot of people are reacting before they think.”

Dr. Michael Bugeja of the Greenlee School of Journalism and Communication emphasized the need to listen to one another,

“If we can affirm everyone’s conscience, we’ll elevate discussion in society. If people are listening rather than seeking affirmation and doing the hard work of reaching out, we’ll achieve a modicum of harmony. Right now, we have a leadership vacuum. People are just appealing to what others already believe and until we can cross the aisle physically, digitally, metaphorically and literally, I’m not sure many of these issues were dealing with right now can be adequately addressed.”

A great America is a united America, but as we can clearly see, we have a lot of work ahead of us.


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