Hy-Vee Night Workers Benefit College Town

By Nate Barnes

There’s only one place in Ames to buy groceries at 3 A.M. Hy-Vee is open 24 hours, and has two locations in Ames. This model fits well in a college town, where there are always people awake.

West Hy-Vee frequenter Noah Johnson is one of many “night owls” in Ames. “It’s rather convenient to have a Hy-Vee open real late into the night,” Johnson said. “It’s nice to be able to have a grocery store to go to.”

Customers seem especially pleased with the workers manning Hy-Vee in these later hours. Johnson said that they are “friendly and chatty, and make you feel rather welcome there.”

Many of the employees that work late do so often, and there are usually only a few of them, since it is almost never busy at three in the morning. This gives them the chance to talk to their customers, and provide a more relaxed experience.

These workers are greatly underappreciated, and provide an important service to our town. Next time you take a late-night trip to the grocery store, don’t be afraid to say hello.


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