Serial Effect

By Macy Griffin

A lot can happen in 17 years. Since 2000 we have had the economy collapse, our first black president, and been in several wars. Imagine if you narrowed it down to an hour. Or even more, down to 20 minutes. It may not seem like as much can happen, but it can be enough time to change the life of one young man.

Adnan Syed, the star of the podcast, is currently in prison, and has been for 17 years. There is a glimmer of hope for this jail bird. After Sarah Koening breathed new life into his case with her podcast “Serial”, and has turned a closed case into the most popular podcast’s focal point.

More updates are coming in the case. Syed, who is now 35, is asking to be released from prison.

Many people don’t believe it was possible for Syed to accomplish a murder within the small time frame that Hay Li, the victim of the crime, was murdered.

A petition filed early in November calls for his release. While in prison, Syed has had no behavioral problems, which is enough to let many convicted criminals free.

What makes this case different? Millions of ears have tuned in, hearing about all the accomplices, weapons, evidence, and even Koening’s attempts to recreate the crime.

With all this in mind, people believe not only is Syed innocent but maybe Jay Wilds, a key witness that turned Syed in, is the one to be charged. Since the first trail, when Syed has had no history of violence, Wilds has been arrested more than 20 times with incidents of rage and violence against women.

A Judge in Baltimore has ordered a new trail. Prosecutors are appealing this ruling, saying that this could take years of work.


Pucking Around

By Macy Griffin

Iowa State has an athletic team that is ranked number one nationally. Can you guess what it is? No, it isn’t football, basketball, pickleball, or anything else that involves a ball. It’s something much cooler. Literally.

The Iowa State men’s division one hockey team is currently number one in the nation. Mark Wishman, the division 3 captain and a senior at Iowa State, is very excited for the hockey teams.

“It is pretty exciting for the program.” Wishman says, hopeful about the national ranking.

The hockey team has been chosen to air a game on ESPN. “It’s going to be a lot of fun. I think it’s really cool and it will be good publicity for the program.” says Wishman.


DIII practice on the ice.

The men’s hockey team is full of hard working athletes. Multiple times a week, almost daily, they will go to the rink to practice and work on their skills. Their hard work has clearly paid off for them.

Amanda Moore, the recreation coordinator for the ice rink, is excited for the students to return. “The start of the school year is more stressful, but the days go faster and I enjoy planning.” Moore says.

The rink is currently open, offering a student discount on Wednesday nights, but attendance at the rink is expected to incline the colder it becomes. The rink offers hot cocoa for warmth and happiness

Besides the hockey games, there are other things to be excited about. At the rink’s concessions stand, they offer the classic choices like hot dogs, pizza, and cappuccinos but have added pulled pork sandwiches. Even though it’s average at the rink is 60 degrees, they also offer blue and red slushies.

“There is something here for everybody.” Moore says.


The DIII team’s shoes outside of the hall.

The Wednesday night deal for students to get in free to the rink is the most popular deal with other students. It is from 8 – 9:30 for the rest of October. It can be a nice place for a study break or just a way to prepare for what’s to come later this season.

If you are too cold to come to the rink but still want to support the team, the game will be broadcast on ESPN October 14 at 6 pm.

If you have experience with skating, figure or hockey, check out the rink’s schedule to find a time you can join in on a club.

Fresh Tips for Freshmen

By Macy Griffin


Most students feel over whelmed or out of place when they first arrive at their new school. It can be terrifying and exciting as well as the most independent thing many recent high school graduates have done.

Victoria Jordan, a graduate of Iowa State, thinks that there are many perks that come with college life that she learned too late.

“I love photography, but didn’t have a camera that was very nice. I didn’t know until my senior year that you can check out media from the Communications building. It can be nice to use for hobbies or you can check cameras and other gear out for multiple days. I used them to take pictures on the climbing trips a lot of the time.” Jordan says.

Some other things she thinks would have been helpful to know her freshman year are that there are places on campus that will let students print for free. Places that offer free printing can be trickier to find than the places that cost to print, but are worth the search.

Jordan’s most valuable college experience was studying abroad.

“You would think that the more you travel the easier it would get. That is never true,” Jordan says.

She studied in a sister school of Iowa State’s in Alaska and another school in Berlin. The experiences she had where scary but educational.

“Make sure you know which classes will transfer credits before you leave. You have to know exactly what you are going to do credit wise before you study abroad. Otherwise, you can waste a lot of time and money on classes you can’t use on your degree,” Jordan says.

Evan Beitz, a junior at Iowa State, thinks that it is important to know about some of the things that aren’t very well known by students.


“You can actually check out textbooks at the Library. There are only allowed to be checked out for about two hours at a time, but normally that is enough time. It is really helpful if you are a broke college student and can’t afford all your books,” Beitz says.

Beitz feels his most valuable experience from school so far has been joining the climbing club. Beitz had never climbed before school, but became obsessed with it quickly.

“I don’t even remember how it started. I feel like I have been in the climbing club since before school,” Beitz says.

Joining a club on campus has helped Beitz make friends and have many experiences. He has met several people with common interests, and even the same major.

“The more friends you make, the more hints and tips you can learn,” Beitz says.

There are several different clubs at Iowa State, including sports, interests, politics, and even some less conventional organizations. One of the clubs on campus, CUFFS, is for students who would like to meet or learn with other people who have similar kinks and fetishes to them.

Some clubs have been made specifically for some majors and classes. Each one may have more specific tips that are catered to you.