Hy-Vee Night Workers Benefit College Town

By Nate Barnes

There’s only one place in Ames to buy groceries at 3 A.M. Hy-Vee is open 24 hours, and has two locations in Ames. This model fits well in a college town, where there are always people awake.

West Hy-Vee frequenter Noah Johnson is one of many “night owls” in Ames. “It’s rather convenient to have a Hy-Vee open real late into the night,” Johnson said. “It’s nice to be able to have a grocery store to go to.”

Customers seem especially pleased with the workers manning Hy-Vee in these later hours. Johnson said that they are “friendly and chatty, and make you feel rather welcome there.”

Many of the employees that work late do so often, and there are usually only a few of them, since it is almost never busy at three in the morning. This gives them the chance to talk to their customers, and provide a more relaxed experience.

These workers are greatly underappreciated, and provide an important service to our town. Next time you take a late-night trip to the grocery store, don’t be afraid to say hello.


Terrace Tuesdays Strike a Chord with Students

By Nate Barnes


Iowa State University Memorial Union Terrace.

Have you ever thought campus was a little too quiet? 88.5 KURE Ames Alternative, Iowa State University’s campus radio station, has started a weekly live music event. Terrace Tuesdays, held on the Memorial Union terrace, feature local artists and DJs playing live sets. These events will take place every Tuesday until October 25th, from 5-8:30 p.m. All days of the event are free and open to the public.

“Terrace Tuesdays are a great way to see some local music without having to travel off campus,” says local music enthusiast Danny Baldus.

Music isn’t the only thing Terrace Tuesdays have to offer. It is also a good place to just relax and eat some food. Local food carts will make an appearance at each of the events, including eateries like Café Beaudelaire, Macubana and Super Dog.

Terrace Tuesdays also include optional outdoor crafts, hosted by the Workspace. These crafts are different each week, and can include anything from painting to making your own custom buttons.

The events have been gaining popularity since they started last fall. “We are confident once it becomes a fixture on campus we will have a lot of people hanging out,” says KURE Events Director Patrick Cotter.

Attendance largely depends on the weather, but as the events continue into the fall, they are likely to attract more and more attention.

KURE plans to continue Terrace Tuesdays in the spring, and into the foreseeable future. To do this, however, the station needs more live performers to sign up to play on the terrace.


Local band Arizona Landmine on the Terrace, September 20th, 2016.

“We are looking for anyone who can perform live,” says Cotter. “We have had folk acts, rock acts, and DJs doing electronic dance music shows.” It does not matter what kind of music you play; if you can do it live, KURE wants you for Terrace Tuesdays. If you would like to perform at one of the events, send an email to events@kure885.org.

You can also check out other opportunities at KURE, including applications to become a DJ, at http://www.kure.stuorg.iastate.edu/get-involved/.  They are always looking for new members, as they are a fully volunteer organization.

If you would like to support live music on ISU’s campus, there is no better place for it than Terrace Tuesdays. Come for the music, come for the food, or come for the crafts; Terrace Tuesdays have it all.